Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Christmas is my absolute most favorite time of the year! I love the decorations, the family time and that warm fuzzy feeling that this time of the year gives you. My husband and I really get into decorating our home. Sometime I think we may do a little much but our love how it makes our home look like a winter wonderland. I love cutting out the lights in the house and turning on all the christmas lights. 

Every year I put up multiple trees. I love seeing them all over the house!

This sweet little tree was our first. When we got married we lived in a much smaller home and so a small christmas tree was necessary. This tree has a candy theme and includes red and gold ornaments. This tree is special to me. Many of the ornaments were passed down to me. They were once my grandmothers. I love looking at my tree and all of the many memories in each and every ornament. I know that at Christmas time, a part of her is here in my home.

This is my 10- foot tree. It literally takes me about a whole day to get it up and decorated. I normally split it into 2 days. One day to assemble the tree and get the lights on it, and one day to decorate it. This year I decided to change up the colors and do gold and brown. When we first moved into our new house, my poor little 6 ft tree looked puny with our high ceilings. My husbands aunt had this tree that she wasn't able to use, so she passed it our way. I love having a huge tree!

This year we added a third tree. 
My husband loves UVa. It seems like every year he gets more and more ornaments through gifts. We finally had enough to do a small themed UVa tree. Now all it needs is a tree skirt! Why is it so hard to find a tree skirt for a 3 foot tree????? Ugh

I Love decorating my mantle! I decorate it for every little holiday!
My mantle decorations are a little vintage. I love the way it looks!

How do you decorate for Christmas? I'd love to see your pictures!

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